Coldfusion MYSQL JDBC Data Truncated for Column on Import

This post is more for my notes so I remember it, but once again Ben Nadel's blog saved the day.

MYSQL MultiQueries 1

MYSQL MultiQueries 2

My problem was similar, but I was getting "Data Truncated for Column" errors using MYSQL import.  To stop this error, basically just let mysql truncate teh fields without throwing the error.  Follow Ben's instructions for whichever version of the driver you are using.  Except you want to add jdbcCompliantTruncation=false to the driver.  If you have multiple parameters then you separate them with an &.



Ben Nadel

Awesome :) Glad to help - when I set up a new datasource, that's the first thing I turn on, every time!

Phillip Senn

The same thing happens to me, too! And now it's crossed over into JavaScript as well as ColdFusion. I wonder how much Google is looking at my previous searches and is saying "Well, Phillip Senn, since you like Ben Nadel so much, I'll put him at the top of your search results from now on".


Maybe when we all get on Google+ it will rank him higher ;)

Ben Nadel

Ha ha ha :) Awesome!

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